Friday, 24 April 2015

Intro and About

I'm not sure exactly what this blog will become. I hope that it will be both entertaining and informative. Edutaining. My vision for now is to mostly post annotations of game logs, walking through thought processes and key decisions. I expect I will post disproportionately from my own wins, not because I want to give the impression of how great I am (because I don't think I really am "all that"), but because I hope to be instructive, and I feel like I am more likely to understand what I am doing in games I won, and thus give better explanations. Hopefully I will also post some about how luck is part of the game and can rule the roost, some about how a better plan can sometimes overrule the inherent luck of the game, and, if there's enough interest, some 'you make the call' kind of decisions: interesting situations where it's not clear to me what is best, and we can work through things together.

I expect mostly to talk about Dominion, but I might also discuss some other games I have interest in as well - be it Magic, Chess, Spades, or any of a number of other things.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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