Thursday, 7 May 2015

Moment: Door-Slam

Game Log

...with Shelters.

We both go for Scrying Pool engines. My opponent gets an early Mountebank, I get more trashing via extra Foragers. The game remains fairly close, until I break through on turn 11. I'm thinner, I have more actions, I have more money - my thinning has, after some eventuality, paid off. Going into my turn 12, our decks are:

...with 3 curses, 10 coppers, 5 shelters, and 2 Embargoes in the trash.

On my turn, I win 4 prizes (thanks, thin deck, sorry Bag of Gold), and... well, look for my play. Answer is in white text below, highlight this paragraph to see it. I bought the last Scrying Pool, the last five Market Squares, and the last three curses. Princess really did some work here.

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